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Xanadú: Architectural Experiment

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The times of conventional architecture are long time over, as today’s inspiration are drawn from anywhere but classics! Xanadú is a unique project designed by Taller de Arquitectura and it is more of an architectural experiment rather than a house. Let’s explore more about the concept!

Garden City Concept

Xanadú is certainly a unique representation of today’s architecture! Designed by a team of architects from Taller de Arquitectura, the housing unit presents an “experimental prototype that reflects on the team’s theory of a garden city in space”, as phrased by the team. The project is built as a part of a bigger complex, entitled La Manzanera development, near La Muralla Roja in Spain, the project contains 18 apartments intended to be summer homes.
What appears like a castle overlooking the powerful sea beneath, is actually a set of housing units. The project is actually inspired by he famous Peñon de Ifach crag, which is actually located somewhere near. The rigid geometry of cubes is broken down to form the unique facade of the building. Don’t be fulled by the broken geometry, as each housing unit contains the necessary parts of the functional house: one for living space, another for sleeping space, and the third for services.
Measuring about 31 000 square meters, the project is unique in the fact that there were no architectural plants made by architects. The thing is that “the units are positioned diagrammatically after being tested against structural analysis in a model”. The windows and other openings are “determined by orientation, light necessity, ventilation systems, privacy, and connection points. The resulting spaces boast a beautiful quality of living”.
You would be surprised but the construction was designed in 1971, and is still quite sturdy. It is also interesting to note the integrated ventilation and temperature regulations. As mentioned by designers: “The apartments benefit from shaded terraces that diminish the impact of heat as well as hyperbolic roofs that offer wider vistas, which together with the adaption to local construction methods, are partly responsible for the resulting volume”. Quite a place to live, don’t you think?


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