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Warm Winter Nook Ideas

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Winter makes you reluctant leaving your bed because it’s the only warm place in the house. Even if your house is well-heated your bed is just so cozy, soft, and warm, anything outside of it seems a cold lonely wasteland. Or, you know, something like that.

Winter Nook Ideas

Corner stove nook

And while there isn’t anything wrong spending your day in bed unless you have certain responsiblities, having a winter nook where you can snuggle with a cup of something warm and do some work or spend an evening is a great alternative for all other rooms besides bedroom.

What makes a good winter nook? Well, if your winters are especially cold then surely a fireplace or a gas stove is in order. You can arrange a seating place nearby and enjoy the heat and the view of the flame. Other heat sources, especially open ones should stand away from furniture for safety.

But you can still enjoy warmth from knits and fur throws and rugs. Hides are not just warm but also beautiful, although they can easily be replaced with some other warm fabrics or faux fur.

Kotatsu is a Japanese table with a heat source fixed to the bottom of it and covered with a blanket or a futon making for a beautiful family time space during cold winter evenings. Taking its roots from a 14th century cooking hearth kotatsu offers a warmth solution to the lack of central heating system in Japanese houses.

Belle Maison offers a low sofa for taking kotatsu leisure to a whole new level.

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