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Urban Cabin Inspiration

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Take a look at the Urban Cabin, a house built out in the woods from a primitive picnic shelter designed by Suyama Peterson Deguchi. It has everything for the clients, offering harmony with nature and serenity! Let’s check it out!

Urban Cabin House

Located in Medina, Washington, Urban Cabin is a unique house designed by Suyama Peterson Deguchi for a retired couple, who lived on the site almost for 30 years! The name is alluding the essence of the house, referring to the forest site of the area and that it serves as a retreat, while still being in the city. It is intriguing to note that the area is very beneficial for the house, offering outstanding views and breathing of serenity. The house was designed from a former primitive picnic shelter, and just take a look at the magnificent changes that have followed.
The house breathes of contemporary style, and everything about it is very elegant! Although very simple in exterior, each detail is designed to bring maximum comfort for the elderly couple. Despite appearing rather large, the house is designed to be simple in use, as the owners were really interested in downsizing and making things easier in life. Despite being located in the public park, the house provides a certain degree of privacy. Here is some more description from the Suyama Peterson Deguchi:
“The house is composed of a simple sheltering roof, supported on the east by a solid wall, which protects the inhabitants from a busy public park. Informed by the topography, the house was slightly recessed into the landscape, engaging a visual connection to the site. The remaining west-facing elevations are composed of windows and doors which embrace the surrounding garden and ponds. The deep overhangs at the ends of the long roof create an extension of space beyond the glass enclosure. Terraces are tucked under the shed roof to reinforce a connection to the beautiful landscape beyond. The exterior siding on the long east wall continues through the interior spaces, and with the minimal window details, blurs the boundaries of inside space”.

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