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Unusual Gray Lithuanian Loft

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What would you say if you encountered an absolutely monochromatic interior design? Well, at least you would wonder how to make good out of it! This post presents to you the incredibly unusual Lithuanian loft, with surprising blend of minimalism, hospitality and gray color.

Vilnius Loft # 2

This loft is located in Vilnius, Lithuania and it features dull, light gray walls with the matching metallic furniture, and very minimalistic interior design. Despite its grayness, the apartment looks very contemporary and not boring at all, because it has some details that dilute the dullness of monochromatic interior.

This dwelling is entitled as Loft # 2, and it is has been designed by Inblum design studio. The former radio techniques factory is transformed into the modern and stylish apartment, presenting interesting design solutions and making a ground for new beginnings and aspirations. For its minimalism and bold design solutions, this apartment received 1st Prize at the Golden Palette, with its furniture winning the award at the “Interior of the Year ‘09”. The actual interior is very spartan, without many details: it features same color of the walls, with darker shades of furniture and an occasional splashes of color. Would you like to live in this kind of apartment?

Lithuanian Loft Inspiration

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