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Unique Paraguay House

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This is a unique eco-friendly project house located in Paraguay, and its uniqueness is in the fact that the architects actually promoted vegetation instead of a ruined Nature. It is incredible as inside, and on the outside, but let’s explore it closer!

House of Confronted Rooms

The “Culata Jovai” or “House of Confronted Rooms” as it is entitled by BAUEN Architect group is actually a set of two house, that are closely related to each other. The lush landscape of Luque, Paraguay is interrupted gently by the rising holes in the ground, that on the closer inspection appear to be two stunning contemporary houses.

The green roof of the construction makes it possible for a project to blend into the stunning view making it a part of the landscape and that is the exact intention of the Architect crew. BAUEN have designed these two houses keeping in mind that that while they are creating, nature should not be destroyed. As mentioned in their description of the project, the house is “real bio-climatic solution”, that follows the traditional lifestyles of living in peace with the Nature of the beautiful Paraguay country. The interior is mostly based on the offering of the gorgeous views of the outdoors, while maintaining the basic functions and being neutral in appearance. Isn’t this project just gorgeous?

Culata Jovai Inspiration

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