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Unique Korean House Project

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Some architecture is meant to be laid back and considerate, with its lines following the orders of nature and being perfectly in balance with the background jungles of everyday life. The unique story of the Korean farmhouse tells us how to combine the wishes of a client, with the needs of nature, so here it goes!

Namhae Cheo-ma House

Namhae Cheo-ma House is a house completed recently by JOHO Architecture, which is located in Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea. The house is set against the lush green background and is exploring unique landscaping ideas of the designers, while being a rest house for a retired owner. Measuring about 580 square meters, the house is divided into two parts, where each is so distinct it is hard to comprehend how the two interact.
The specific requirement from the owner, that this house will be warm and inviting for him to spend his years after retirement there. After having a negative experience with this previous house investment, he was very certain of what he wanted. The client needed certain aesthetics to be added to the facade of the house, for it to have an identity. Unfortunately, the house project was way too unprofitable, from the urban way of view – however the clients know better what he wants. So it was decided to give the house a new identity with a unique appearance.
Moreover, the project touches the philosophical issues of the Korean tradition, where “Cheo-ma” could possibly mean “setting a line where mankind and above meet, the Cheo-ma lines are magnificent abstract boundary that mankind visualized and also a tool to reveal the identity of the land. It embraces the land in its own line and disguises itself in the nature’s ridge at the same time”. With these deep thoughts in mind, no wonder that the house meets the “Korean philosophy of being harmonious but not the same and being similar but different. It is intriguing how the tight budget, dedication and nature has come up with such an amazing house, where natural landscape and geometry collide to form such beauty.

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