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Suoi Re Village Community House

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Tired of the boring and dull winter? Well, hold on there are just few days left till the winter is over. Meanwhile, we present you an interesting tropical landscape by Hoàng Thúc Hào and Nguyễn Duy Thanh, who has completed an intriguing community project.

Vietnamese Rural Community Project

Vietnam is a country, where there is a big diving line between the rural and urban areas. Most of the people who live in the rural area go to the cities to earn money, while the other part stays to grow rice. In these harsh conditions, as you can probably guess there is no time for cultural development and other pleasant activities.
Taking into consideration that this connection between the communities is rather loose, architects from 1+1>2 Group, Hoàng Thúc Hào and Nguyễn Duy Thanh have proposed an interesting village community project. The architects have created a multipurpose construction, which not only correlates with the rural Vietnamese landscape, but can server as a platform for many of the cultural activities. Moreover, the construction follows the rules of Feng Shui, leans on mountains, resistant to storms, flash floods and faces towards the valley.
The structure of the house follows the traditional century old approaches of the native population. The construction has five rooms, reminiscent of the Kinh people, while still having the stilt house traditional to Muong people. While the structure is quite open, it is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. The ground floor is made from “rugged-stone wall, bamboo doors, fine-bamboo ceiling those make people feel warm and balance in the house”. The upper level is made of “brown and smooth rammed-soil wall with heavy stones beneath, bamboo frames, palm leaves roof”. The sustainable part includes solar cell system, filter rainwater collection tanks, geothermal, monsoon, power-saving LEDs In addition, the house was constructed by the villagers, following the ancient tradition when the dwellers built their own houses.


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