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Small Futuristic Apartment

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Do you have a small apartment, yet just dream about making your home futuristic, don’t despair! Perhaps this post will help you with some inspirational ideas from the best designers in creating a futuristic interior design for your small apartment.

Futuristic Décor for the Small Flat


On the example of the Barcelona 49 square metres apartment, let’s explore the opportunities of decorating in futuristic style for the small spaces. The designers have created an original design taking inspiration from the Japanese Origami art, which is expressed in the unusual Z wall design. However, most of the decorations are completed in a minimalistic style, featuring white color with few exceptions. Amazing space solutions are displayed in the tiny places that are available, like the bed that is located just beneath the Origami wall.


Another amazing design is the ultra modern futuristic apartment by Romolo Stanco. This one is truly futuristic, because its idea stems back to the classic Kubrick’s legendary movie 2001: A space Odyssey. Relatively small apartment has a kitchen and a bedroom with a little bathroom. The amazing whiteness of the interior is contrasted with the bold raspberry sofa and contrasting red bathroom. A nice addition to the color is the chair seatings, that are the same color as the sofa. The whiteness of the interior makes this apartment appear ethereal and cosmic. Another contrasting color is black, highlighting the main technological appliances.


The last inspiration of the futuristic interior design is the futuristic minimalistic interior from AA studio. The apartment is startling with its amazing futuristic, yet very elegant decorations. As with any futuristic interior, one of the most important aspects is the lighting fixture and space solutions. Notice how the color palette is in harmony with the outer space concept, making this apartment fluorescent. So you see, the most important in recreating futuristic interior design in the small apartment, it takes the same decisions as with the rest, neutral color scheme, high tech appliances, minimalism in furniture, that can be achieved by multipurpose furniture, just follow the scheme and everything will work out.


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