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Shanghai Eco Tea House

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Would you think that a contemporary house can be that eco-friendly, as is this Shanghai Tea house? Let’s explore its incredible mind blowing design!

Archi-Union Architects House

This incredible structure is located in Shanghai, China and it has absolutely insanely awesome architectural design. Entitled simply Tea House, this building is a 3,200 square feet contemporary living and working space, however just recently it has been a collapsed office roof. The Archi-Union Architects has cleverly integrated that historical fact into the whole structure of the building and into its interior design!

The house is divided into three sectors, with an actual tea house and a library, apart from other rooms. Another incredible feature of the house is the a real tree that grows through the balcony. All of these features underline the environmentally friendly conditions under which the house was built. Being an office for a company, it is intriguing to note the coziness of the place despite its seeming dullness. The interior is composed of mostly gray colors, playing with an outside views on the the little pond, and making the best out of the green outdoors.

Tea House Inspiration


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