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San Francisco Rent Made This Resident To Live In A Pod For $400/mo

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San Francisco is known for its annoying progressivism and high rent. So one resident, an illustrator Peter Berkowitz, 25, decided to build himself a small pod (8 x 3.5 x 4.5 feet), which he rents space for in his friend’s apartment at $400 a month.

Pod box

Instead of renting the whole bedroom at around $1000, the illustrator spent $1,300 for building his pod that includes a fan, ventilation, lighting, and even a bookshelf. He also uses the kitchen and bathroom in the apartment in which he rents. He now even offers others help for building building similar pods and insists his solution is creative rather than desperate.

It seems silly, and people have this dystopian take on it, like, ‘Is this what it’s come to?’. But I firmly believe that it makes a lot of sense. There should be some kind of middle ground between having a bedroom and sleeping on a couch,” says Berkowitz.

Inside pod box

The pod provides him with more privacy than a partition would, provided that his pod is in the living room. He is now working on fully soundproofing the thing to make the best of it.

What do you think? Would you rather rent a room or space for the pod?

Pod box

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