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Repurposed Cars In Interior Design

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Old cars and car parts make for unusual interior design elements. Here are some inspiration ideas for car enthusiasts for recycling old cars in home decor. Recyled vintage or simply old cars are usually turned into seats, sofas, beds and tables. Car parts like engines and other gear is used as creative table bases.


The car’s rear and front make for impressive seats like chairs and sofas. Naturally car seats can be used in interior design as conventional chairs. The trunks is especially convenient for transforming a car into a seat.


A car can also be transformed into a table or writing desk. Car’s gear can be used to create a coffee table. Some gear parts can even provide with the original wine storage. A car body can too be used in creating a unique writing desk.


Cars repurposed as beds look amazing. V8 Hotel in Germany has created several car-themed rooms using retro cars as bed frames. Some of the car parts were also used as TV stands and consoles.


This Jaguar has been transformed into a shelving unit by Denieuwegeneratie. The insides of the cars were preserved while the roof was cutout and the trunk door cut in half to function as a cabinet.


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