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Parco Acque at the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini

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Are you longing for the warmer days, the sunshine and the beach? Well, perhaps that what motivated Simone Micheli to design amazing Parco Acque for Park Hotel ai Cappuccini.

Futuristic Spa at the Ancient Monastery

It is hard to believe but the futuristic spa is located at the ancient monastery, the main building of the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini.The spa is actually a part of the wellness center, biggest part of which is actually taken up by a swimming pool area. Simone Micheli, the designer behind this innovativation, has underlined the existing murals with the new modern twist, introducing many water features.

As described by the architecturer:

the fluid and multiform matrix of the water is wonderfully exalted by bright, fun and interactive interior design.

However, that is not completely it, because the swimming pool area is connected with the outdoor terrace through an extensive floor to ceiling window. The unique aqua wellness center is sort of a new fresh breath for the entire complex, because it adds contemporary touch to a 17 century monastery, which is the actual building of the Park Hotel.

Incredible Park Acque ai Cappiccini

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