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Nth Fitzroy House

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Nth Fitzroy House is a new exceptional project by Melbourne-based AM. Architecture company. The house presents a unique architectural solutions in tough urban conditions, what resulted in a highly contemporary residence.

Unique Edwardian Residence Makeover

The Nth Fitzroy residence is a recent makeover of the Edwardian era semi-detached house, which was completed by the Melbourne based AM. Architecture company. The makeover is made in the context of the preserving the original heritage, giving the old structure a new contemporary outlook. The owners, as any big city dwellers have been limited in the scarce space availability and thus asked the company to extend their residence.
The new dimension of the house opened up new rooms, such as kitchen, dining, meals and living, and on the first floor, a master bed, workstation and en-suite! However, the work of the AM. Architecture was not only in designing the extension for the preexisting structure – they also worked on compatibility of the materials. Each material should match the existing structure, creating a dialogue between the past and the present. The result of their work is evident in the simple black pitched volume, that is made along the tiled roof. All of the requests were fulfilled.
It would be no surprise that the common material of the two parts are used in united these distinct structures. The house contains a private yard, which is visible from the separate dining room. The angle construction is overplayed in interior design of the house, as each room appears to be affected by this. The main colors are simple, with leading white, which allows a lot of reflected sunlight into apartment and helps to maintain the level of light. Here is some information on the house from AM. Architecture, which explains in detail the concept and realization of the project:
“This (the dining room) is the first space entered when leaving the old building. It is intended as a night time space, being the deepest into the site and is surrounded by a tactile combination of materials including white bagged brickwork referencing the face brickwork at the front of the building, white painted timber cladding connecting to the painted timber soffit of the portico, glossy white steel plate, exposed polished concrete, charcoal timber shiplap cladding and a timber veneer drinks cabinet. The design was the product of a fluid working relationship between the clients and architect with the clients embracing new ideas with enthusiasm. Good communication between everyone led to a pleasurable design process and a building that emerged on the other side with its integrity intact. The extension that eventuated from what was a narrow site feels spatially generous and tactile materials combined with ever-changing qualities of light have created a series of interconnected spaces that are a pleasure to spend time in”.


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