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Moscow Contradiction: Multi Styled House

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This Moscow house is a wonderful blend between most contradictory interior designs, from laid back American Ranch style to luxurious King Sun style. Let’s take an amazing journey to see this marvelous and unique Moscow based house.


Contradictory Interior Designs

Moscow doesn’t stop to amaze us, first it was the vintage art apartment all in black&white, now it is this amazing multi-styled house! This house literally has many interior design styles within one building, and they range from contemporary minimalistic to baroque good times. Let’s take a look at this amazing construction.

As you enter the hall, the first thing you would notice is the huge wall window that has an backyard view, which is not very inspiring, yet the sky looks amazing. The chandelier is a futuristic dandelion like constructions is the first thing to strike you as impossible in this down to earth color palette. The ultra-modern armchairs are set on the striped carpet which is in harmony with the wooden counter.


Everything seems to be a bit extravagant, yet appropriate, until you enter the next room. The next room is entirely different from the other one and seems like a logical continuation of the hall, because it features the brown homey armchair at the entrance.


Now, when you enter the kitchen and the dining room you are amazed at how these both are contrasting opposites in style, yet so very good looking. The dining room features the grey and yellow tones, with baroque themed furniture and very elegant curtains. The complete opposite and the logical continuation of the room is the kitchen in bold crimson contemporary style, with elegant grey curtains to be in harmony with the baroque dining room.

The rest of this pretty big house features 800 square meters of absolute confusion on whether the house should be minimalistic or elegant. The most surprising room, however is the pool room featuring the traditional wood interior of the American saloon. Aren’t you surprised and amazed gazing at this house? Notice how all the rooms seem to be at peace with one another, one being the logical, not the visual continuation of another.

Moscow Multi Styled Designs


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