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Miniscule NY Loft Transformation

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Even miniscule apartments can become incredible living spaces. Specht Harpman design group has completed an amazing renovation project of a tiny loft in Manhattan, NY. Featuring only 425 square feet, this apartment had awkward layout without any possibility of comfortable living. One of the challenges of the loft transformation was to change the layout of the apartment so that the basic furnishings could fit into the design.

NY Loft Renovation

3D Plan Of Manhattan Loft

NY Loft Transformation By Specht Harpman

The tiny loft in Manhattan was divided into four distinct living areas: the lowest area is dedicated to entry and kitchen, then the tiny steps lead to the main living room; from there we see a cantilevered bed pavilion; and the last staircase allows to go up to a green terrace. The location of the apartment allowed designers to include a green garden project into the concept of the loft renovation.

There are no actual doors and the concept of a “room” is lost, because the space is cleverly divided in vertical layout of the apartment. Of course in these limited conditions every inch of the space is used, therefore, the staircase has built-in drawers for storage; and the wall that supports the second level actually hides the bathroom area. The kitchen area slowly transcends and becomes a living room with a countertop as a bar.

In the tiny flat like this it is essential to create an illusion of visual expansion of the apartment. The materials used for the project therefore speak for themselves – there are lots of lighting solutions that visually enlarge the space, lots of glass backsplashes and white walls, that reflect the natural light. However, there are also contrasting dark brown spots that can be seen in the bedroom pavilion, and the wooden clad staircases. Every furnishing item in this project is placed there with a certain purpose, so the apartment doesn’t have many furniture pieces.


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