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Miniature House Built Entirely by Hand

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A comfortable small house is not a novelty. They serve as hotels and campuses. They are made of old buses and trailers. In general, there is a bunch of ideas. Today’s story is different from the others. It is about the house which one girl has built with her own hands.

Macy Miller’s Miniature House Built Entirely by Hand

Macy Miller’s house built by hand

Macy Miller’s house built by hand

When Macy Miller got tired of paying rents, she decided to build a small house by herself. According to her, she had always wanted to build something. As a child she spent much time in the booth of her beloved dog. Who knows, maybe that created her craving for a small home.

Macy once had a dream in which she lived in her little house. It had everything she needed and nothing that was not necessary. Then she began to think over the construction. As a student of the University of Architecture she thought that all the knowledge that she was given was worthless without actual practice. Building a house in such a situation was a great outlet: it was a practice, realizing of the long-held dream and a freedom from leases and loans. And moreover, it was a substantial saving.

The start of construction was on November 17, 2011, when she bought a book “Go House Go” on how to tie the house to the trailer. Now the house is finished, but Macy continues writing in her blog about how she lives in it, and how she is constantly completing something. As described above the house, built with her own hands, is considerably cheaper than buying the same one. For example, its construction took $11,500, excluding sponsorship  ($5940). The details can be found at Macy’s blog, in the budget section.

The house size is 196 square feet. It has everything you need: a kitchen, a bed, a bathroom, a desk and a chair. According to Macy, while she lives in the city, the house will use the urban grid. However, if she will have to go somewhere, the house is fully prepared to work on solar batteries.


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