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Melbourne Twin Peaks House

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Meet the exquisite Twin Peaks house in Melbourne, Australia, which became a perfect urban retreat for a family with three children. Let’s take a closer look at this marvelous construction!

Incredible Melbourne House Makeover

Who killed Laura Palmer? Does that strike as something familiar? Well, that is not the Twin Peaks we are talking about – the popular tv series during the 90, it is a new residence in Melbourne remake that bears the same name! The Twin Peaks residence, made possible by Jackson Clements Burrows, is located in the heritage area of Melbourne, Australia was recently under serious makeover and several new rooms have been added. The preexisting Edwardian times house needed reconstruction which resulted in the ultimate remake of the house, but with preserved individuality of the construction.
So, the alterations that took place in the new layout of the house were the three additional bedrooms and an activity space, with a large kitchen area, all located in the first flour. While the existing construction included new master ensuite, study and the maintenance of the original grand dining room and lounge areas. So, the idea of combining the two distinct eras included the coming together of two different colors for the same materials: black and red bricks. The black bricks stand for the new part and the red brick for the existing residence.
Did you notice the black clad timber, which covers the house? Well, this constitutes the third part of the house, which is installed at the preexisting slate tiled roof. If you are wondering on the name of the residence, “The Twin Peaks” it is a reference to the twin peaked roof, which was a requirement from the Heritage council. Here is some more information from the designers:

“While compatible in terms of proportion and alignment the reductive abstraction of the new exterior and interior, suggests a new relationship to both the immediate garden and the greater surrounding context. Internally the new addition uses white painted timber lining boards and exposed internal black work to define a new family living space. The use of materials normally associated with the exterior of a Heritage house suggests an inversion of our normal reading of an interior that is both surprising and yet reassuring in terms of its familiarity”.


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