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Luxurios Big Sur House

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If you are one of those who is stuck in the cold damp weather, dreaming for some warmer days, here is an amazing inspirational house in warm and charming California, Big Sur. Let’s check out its incredible luxurious design, designed by Carver + Schicketanz!

Coastlands House

This incredible construction takes advantage of the natural landscape as it is carved into the uphill slope, opening grandiose Pacific sighting. Designed by Carver + Schicketanz architecture company that has build the house exclusively for a retired couple. The house presents as a very sturdy and massive mansion, located on the edge of the hill, and offering an intriguin view on the ocean and the city. The massive structure is supported by the stone construction, with some lighter elements, such as oak and glass. The house is very open spaced, yet shares the characteristics of a modern house, having both private and open rooms.
The vivid bright colors of the outdoors, the majestic view on the ocean, the lush incredible greenery of the region is complemented by the amazing conservative and neutral palette of the house. Not only this house is beautiful, it is also eco-friendly, as “most of the finish materials are reclaimed and the 4.4kW photovoltaic system was designed to generate 90% of the home’s power usage”. The owners also happen to be a collectors of antiques and famous artworks, so the house is full of this displays, such as the Ico Parisi dining table which adds a certain luxurious flare to the house. As described by the developers of this amazing house in Big Sur, California:
“Majestic oaks dominate this north to south sloping site at the edge of the continent, the vast expanse of the Pacific lying to the West. A massive stone base connects the structure to the uphill slope, contrasting with the lighter steel and glass elements of the home.A warm but neutral color palette was chosen to complement the natural building materials and juxtapose the brilliant blues of the ocean and sky and the vivid greens of the garden and hills beyond. The owner’s world class art collection and a few choice antiques such as the Ico Parisi dining table lend this new space substance and partner well with the carefully sourced new furnishings. Most of the carpets and many furnishings were specifically designed by the architects for this residence”.

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