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London Water Tower Transformation

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With the scarce land resources available in the huge cities, like London, it is no wonder that people are very adventurous and can be up to many projects that will transform the abandoned buildings into new contemporary residences. That is a story of London Water tower, which was transformed into a very contemporary house.

Amazing London Transformation

Originally built in 1877, it was not its best condition when Leigh Osbourne and Graham Voce, a couple from London decided to buy an almost “ancient” structure. Located in the heart of a big city, in center of ancient London, the tower boasted of 99 feet in height and no doubt grand view on the city. For the record, the building is Graded II listed and it means that it no doubt has a historical value to the great city of London. So imagine a bold box of a tower, and what possibly could be done with that box?
Well, now, when the amazing transformation was completed, the house boasts of four spacious bedrooms and a big common living room located on the lower level. The most vivid and striking feature is the white color choice of interior, and extensive use of glass. The glass substitutes the walls, well of course partially, however these glass walls allows an incredible view on the lying beneath great city, moreover it offers a 360 degree view of the London! How exciting! The interior however is not purely white, it can boast of intriguing color combinations and patterns, such as one of the bedrooms in blue hues. It is also worth mentioning that the house is not afraid to use old elements of furniture in decorating, such as these cute dated chairs in the dining room, around the grand table. Moreover, you have probably noticed that in some cases, the original brick wall was left untouched to make a statement and to remind of the “ancient” origin of the residence. The original tower was also a little bit expanded to accommodate more people, and this expansion looks like a glass box sitting in the air. The house is very original, boasting a fresh view on a conventional buildings.

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