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London Cozy Apartment

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London, a grandiose city with a thousand years of history, has now very little space to offer to city dwellers. Knowing that space is scarce is essential when moving to a new house, and especially if this house has a significant historical heritage. This cozy little apartment in central London certainly does have its own history, alongside space enough for a family with two small children.

Cozy London Fat

Little Venice by Andy Martin Architects

‘Little Venice’ Apartment

The owners called their apartment “Little Venice” for the reasons understandable only for them. The flat is located on the first floor of the building that has been listed Grade I , which means that it has a significant historical value. The apartment’s windows overlook charming garden square, connecting it to the vibrant life of the city.

The apartment’s interior has been redesigned to suit the needs of the owners, because its 4.5 meter high ceiling could be quite disturbing in the little flat. The design suits the business and family needs, as it is divided into private and social sectors. The business sector is located in the south, while the private rooms are in the north. Due to the limited space available, the house has been equipped with multifunctional furniture sets with various storing options.

Remodeling was done by Andy Martin Architects and the interior design is truly bright and spacious, despite its lack of livable area. Having the white background, there are also other color splashes, particularly of lemon and blue hues. The interior is very textured as it seems to bring tactile pleasure: as everything from the grey sofa to the deep blue rug is pleasant to touch. Especially impressive are the woodworks in the dining area, and the parquet flooring in the entire apartment. The apartment’s owners seem to enjoy the location in London, with a view over the green garden square, while still celebrating the joys of life in the confines of their own cheerfully bright apartment.

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