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Lavastone 7 House Inspiration

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The Lavastone 7 house is an incredible contemporary housing structure, which was built on the Big Island, Hawai’i, in the district of expansive Ohia forest. Why is it inspiration, you might ask? Well, the grandiose massive concrete structure is basically built into the landscape of the surrounding area! Just take a look!

Big Island House

Massive Hawaiian Contemporary Residence

When you hear Hawaii, what is your first association? Maybe it is the sunset, beach with white sand, palm trees and some exotic resort? Well, certainly this residence would not fit into your associations. The Lavastone 7 is enormous housing unit, built by standards of contemporary architecture.

The construction of the project was completed recently by Craig Steely Architecture. For the start of the project, the large expansive beam was taken as base. This concrete beam is about 140 foot long, 48 inches tall and 12 inches wide. It runs throughout the whole building, with three additional supporting walls. The beam also supports the extensive glazing of the house, which is quite predictable in a place like Hawaii, where you want to enjoy every piece of landscaping.

The indoor and outdoor areas flow into each other, creating nice transitions from the private area of the house into the cheerful outdoors. With a house like this the owner sure have a swimming pool. Being located on the hill amidst the Ohia forest, the outdoor swimming pool terrace offers outstanding view on the lying beneath coastline. Meanwhile, the interior of this expansive space is also quite simple, following the functionality value. Here is what the architect company has to say about the project:

“Located on five acres of dense Ohia forest, this cast-in-place concrete house frames indoor and outdoor living spaces along with views of the forest, the sky, and the coastline. It continues our exploration of a reductive architecture that enhances the experience of living in this compelling environment”.

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