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L3P Architekten Unique House

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The new house by L3P Architekten certainly cannot be named a conventional box house, that Switzerland loves. There is something wrong with this house, stick around to find out!


Externally United: Internally Atwain Duplex House

Located in the Ennetbaden Aargau, Switzerland this unique Externally United – Internally Atwain Duplex House just can not be regular. Its forms are arranged by distorted rectangles, which is partially due to the architecturally heterogeneous neighbourhood with its ups and downs, landscapewise. The initial start up space was not so big, only 637 square meters, however the architects managed to develop an incredible construction.

DEFH Schnyder Ott, Ennetbaden

Another unique feature of the house, that it cannot be distinguished from the outside! This is partially because of the weird coloring choices, and distorted rectangular boxes that comprise the building. The house is divided into units, one being stretched along the valley, while the other is stretching by the hill. By the way, the interior is really different in both: the hillside unit is the sleeping area, which includes living / dining / kitchen area with bedroom areas. The weirdest theme in decorating is the bold concrete walls that can be encountered throughtout the house. The valley side has four flours, with the workshop and utilities managementare located in the basement. This unit also hosts bedrooms, and offers a lush green view from the south windows.

Externally United – Internally Atwain Duplex Inspiration

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