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Friendly Moscow Apartment by Kirill Isomin

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This post presents to you the cheerful and friendly Moscow apartment interior, designed by a renowned artist Kirill Isomin.


Colorfull Moscow Apartment

Moscow amazes us more and more, presenting intriguing mixture of traditional russian ethnic flavour with the contemporary interior design solutions. The huge windows that are letting in the sun are an essential part of the interior as the aparment seem to celebrate sun in every room, with every bit of the every item!


It is surprising to note that Isomin extensively used bold color palettes, and a big variety of patterns. He has manipulated the strong toned colors, such as the burgundy, jewelled blue and lavender with the muted beige and sand colors. Each room speaks for its inviduality and has its own character displayed in colors and pattern. The living room seem to be the most neutral of them all, because even the dining room celebrates the royal blue and olive green combination with chick and style.

Each room is accentuated with at least a little bit of pattern, be it only curtains, or the wall paper with upholstery! However, with the all the abundance of color and patterns, we see that each room is in harmony with the author’s concept of the friendly, cheerfull and sunny apartment for a family with two kids!

Colorfull Moscow Apartment

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