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Kinoya Bistro Interior

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Do you enjoy when tradition meets the modern approaches in interior? This post reveals a fancy nice Kinoya bistro interior design, a contemporary Japanese bistro located in Montreal, Canada.

Canadian Japanese Bistro

The Kinoya bistro is a classic manifestation of Japanese style, uniqueness and tradition, yet it is located in the heart of one of northern places, Montreal. Designed by Jean de Lessard, the place was completely renovated, so there are no traces of the previous Italian pizza house!

The interior of Kinoya bistro is very vibrant, flashy and even Mango like! There is a theme of a huge pink flower, that go all over the place and the rougher black background. These are not just flowers, the theme goes back to the the kamon tradition, representing the heraldic insignia of ancient samurai clans! Notice the stone and wood origin of the interior, which had to be preserved from its last manifestation of a pizzeria. Yet, how skillfully the dark stones are transformed into the ephemeral design of Japanese style! Notice that in the center of the bistro there is a rectangular box wraped in wood: this is an original solution inspired by the traditional tatami room. Overall the interior design of Kinoya bistro is nothing like it was before and very original variation of the Japanese interior design.

Kinoya bistro inspiration


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