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Italian X5 Casa

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The Italian Casa X5 presents itself as a radical minimalistic interior design with surprisinly wooden exterior. Let’s take a look of what lies inside of this incredible construction.


Italian Minimalism

The apartment of Casa X5 is located in Trevisino, Italy and is presenting the Italian Architectural firm MZC Architects. The construction is a two storey house that features an incredible freedom in spacing and lack of color choices: it is all mostly black, white and wood. The interior, as mentioned above is extremely minimalistic, allowing some color in plants, and other minor decor items.

The bold and extreme minimalism is compensated by some romantic twist that can be seen in furniture designs, with its slight curvylinear lines. But the amazing unique to this surrounding coffee table is just the only except to the style. The rest of the interior remains in strict frames of minimalism. The lighting fixtures only create an illusion of it being even a bigger space than it is.

The prominent feature of the Casa X5 is the huge black wall that divides the kitcen and the living room area. Serving as a divider, the wall also is a great background for otherwise white apartment. This grand Italian Casa is an excelent example of the highly minimalistic interior design.

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