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Interesting Wall Paint Ideas

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New year new wall paint? Sounds like a good exuse especially if your house is due for repairs and some renovation. New wall paint may not only give your interior a freshened up look it can also transform it entirely. If you’re tired of same old solid hue dominating your interior here are some wall paint ideas that might make you want to paint outside of the box.

Fresh Wall Paint Ideas


Ombre wall

Classy ombre walls

Ombre is a general trend that has been around for the last few years in beauty and fashion alike. It has also found a way into interior decor. The most important thing here is to choose the color that will work for the size of the room. Also consider lighting when choosing the wall paint color. You need lighter warmer colors for visually enlarging the room and darker colors can be used in bigger rooms as they do not recede and can make small rooms look boxy.

Creating ombre can be challenging as well as easy. First you have to figure out how to fade the color but, on the other hand, you don’t have to be as precise as when you paint two tone walls or stripes.

Painting Techniques

Wall painting techniques

Wall painting techniques

There are also different painting techniques that can give your walls depth, texture, and even pattern. You can give your walls a stylish worn look or go for something artsy like abstract geometric shapes or intricate rag painting finish. These techniques might hellp you achieve the look you’ve always wanted without money and time-consuming wallpaper or paneling.

Wall paint is also a great way to create a feature wall with patterns, drawings, and all sorts of interesting details that will make your walls more interesting and eye catchy.


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