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Incredible Knightsbridge Renovations

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An old house in London, Knightsbridge residence recently underwent a magnificent renovation. The renovation helped the house to become more open and big, while allowing a lot of sun into the house. Let’s check out this intriguing makeover!

House Renovation by Rajiv Saini & Associates

What is the biggest problem of all of the big cities? Lack of land what comes to the mind first. London, being one of the most ancient cities in the world has this problem as most evident. It is no surprise that the dwellers of the city, that have the financial opportunity to extend their living space – are going for the most daring projects!
Rajiv Saini & Associates architecture company has recently completed a surprising renovation of an old conventional house in the old part of old, Knighstbridge. Knightsbrigde has been historically known as a n of exclusive dwelling, and recently, this to this area another marvelous residence was added. The Knightsbridge residence, which is renovated by Rajiv Saini & Associates has been significantly enlarged.
The major renovation took place in the basement and the upper levels of the residence. First of all, what draws the attention is the glass roof on the top of the building and the glass flour of the first flour. This allowed the house to let in and retain the lights. Actually, the basements was extended by excavating the space on the basement level. So you could so, that London is growing underground! However, it is worthwhile noting that not the whole roof is transparent. There is only an enclosure of glass that lets the light flood the house.
Another stunning feature of the house is the terrace on top of the building. This provides a nice outdoor space, while offering some additional features. For example, this terrace can be a good place for an outdoor container garden or just a romantic retreat. The last thing that is worth our attention is the green vertical wall, that gives the house a unique feeling of an urban oasis. Isn’t it a lovely London residence?

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