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Icehotel Suites of Jukkasjärvi

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What would you say to the extreme conditions for a vacation? Some enthusiasts like to go on hiking into the woods, to unknown location out in the mountains, but some prefer the severe cold of the Ice Pole. Introducing to you the most intriguing ice hotel suites from all over the world!

Ice Hotels

If the Maldives or other tropical destination are such a bore, that you seek other exotic places – perhaps the North pole would suit your taste? Well, of course not literally the North Pole, somewhere really close, at leas in temperature. Here are some amazing destinations, where you can rest in the ICE hotel suites of Jukkasjärvi! These are two distinct suites, which share the same location, but that is their only similarity!
Elliptical Ice Hotel Artsuite.
The Elliptical ice hotel suite is located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden and it is designed by Gaston Vacaflores and Geertje Jacob. The suites are made of ice, and present a work of art, as stated by designers. One of the main entertainment is the game of a game of marbles – made of ice – that run in a groove along the wall into a bowl at the end of the bed! Exciting isn’t it? But hurry, because this beautiful suite will probably melt by Spring!
Beam Me Up Ice Hotel Suite.
Give your best effort to guess the location of this suite? Of course the Jukkasjärvi, Sweden! This suite is designed by Christian Strömqvist and Karl-Johan Ekeroth. The room is really different from the above, even though it seems to be the same location. As mentioned by designers, the visitors “should feel like they are a part of a story, that something is going on around them and that they are involved. The whole room becomes a stage, where the visitor is the actor. The room invites the visitors to participate not only by it’s visual design, but also by letting them partially enter one of the beams to get beamed up, or by lying down in the lit up and hovering bed.” Very exciting is it? So, when you are tired of the sun and the fun of the playing on the beach, pack you things and go to Jukkasjärvi, where you can rest at these friendly locations!

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