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Home Office By Estudio Nidolab

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With some percentage of people working in their homes, the construction of areas dedicated to work inside their residencies seems rather reasonable. But instead of making a boring home office environment, Argentina-based design team Estudio Nidolab brought a unique outdoor project indoors. They have included a moss carpet that grows inside of the office, that allows to be in touch with nature even while working.

Identifying Grass Problems

Home Office By Nidolab

Growing Green Onions

This home office has only 54 square meters of space, enough for working but not enough for meeting with the nature. Well, apparently not in this case – where the outdoors comes into the office in a form of a peculiar alive rug. The space pictured above is of course not a real home office: it is a pavilion of the home office that was displayed during the annual South African design event, FOA. In 2012 FOA took place in Buenos Aires, therefore, the Argentine designers got a chance to display their works.

The whole interior of the home office, however, is very naturalistic, starting from the live moss rug to other elements that remind of natural landscapes. The light panels look like natural sunlight; the walkway surrounding the working perimeter is still like water. The center of the office is taken up by a huge conference table, which is held by wooden poles.

There are no distractions in the interior, maybe only a focal point – the green moss carpet that induces the calm observing mood and can take your mind off the current business matters. Maybe this is what is needed for those who work at home – a defined space built with environmental materials, and with a little bit of the outside world confined to their offices.


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