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Hand-Built House for $250

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Do you remember Macy Miller’s hand-built small house? If you were inspired by that example, then this article would be interesting for you. Here we will tell you about another amazing example of a hand-built house. The English farmer Michael Buck also showed that building a home can be inexpensive and everyone can do it.

British Farmer’s Cob House Built for $250

Hand-built cob house by Michael Buck

Hand-built cob house by Michael Buck

Michael Buck was an art teacher. After retirement, he decided to build a cob house (cob is a mixture of clay and straw) in his garden. During the construction he held several principles: use only those materials that he can get by himself (clay, straw, wood); do not use electrical appliances; do not invest money in the construction.

We note that one of the most expensive parts of the project was earth. And it already belonged to Michael. He also did not have to get any special permits for construction, as the house was designed as a “summer home” or gazebo.

Interior of the hand-built cob house by Michael Buck

Interior of the hand-built cob house by Michael Buck

During the construction the simplicity teetered on the brink with asceticism. The house plan was drawn on the back of an envelope. Materials were collected for two years. And the construction took another nine months. The floor was covered by boards of a neighbor’s old boat, and a truck’s glasses were used for windows. The roof was made ​​of straw squinted on neighboring fields.

The house has no electricity. Water can be gained from a nearby creek. There is a wood heating in the house. The oven not only heats the house, but is used to cook food. WC stands in the courtyard.

Michael Buck, the British farmer

Michael Buck, the British farmer

During the construction Michael still had to spend £ 150 ($ 250) for straw and nails.

“The house does not have to be prohibitively expensive. You just need a place to build it. My example showed that it can be done almost for free. We live in a society where most people pay their mortgages. Many of them do not like it,” Michael says.

Michael wanted his house to fit into the landscape. He did not change it for himself. According to him, the house will last forever with proper care. Now a woman from a nearby dairy farm lives in the house. She pays for rent by milk.


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