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H-House by Bang by Min

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Following the inspiration of the modern architectural dreams – the box houses, here is an excellent geometrical house by Korean design group bang by min, located in Seoul, Korea. Let’s explore it closely!

Unique Korean House

Despite its overall massive construction and urban location, the house is breathing of privacy, as its inner structure is hidden in the concrete box confines. Located in the old neighborhood of Seul, at the alley of Seongbuk-dong, the house is facing the obvious slope location, where the front is lower than the rear, which was quite a challenge for the architects. The project was completed recently, and the construction lasted for three complete years, since 2009 to 2012. The house can boast of 402 square meters of the highly modern interior and exterior offering three levels of living, which would allow private dwelling for different generations without disturbing other residents.
The people behind the Bang by min, Changwook Kwak and Hyunduck Yoo and conceptually created by Sae Min Oh have made an astonishing contribution to the neighborhood, making a conceptual statement in the old alley. Moreover, the client imposed several demands on the architect group, asking for it to be well lit with sunlight on the first floor, and that all levels should be independent of each, so to say “to create a house for three generations”. The solution was hard to find, but they managed to do it, making a second flour a transition to the first and third level, where the family can socialize and interact. You would be surprised, but the living room is divided into three parts to provide individual space for the “three different generations”. There are also such features as folding door, and the wall that can be removed, which also provides this house to be both convenient for the family and the couples. The second demand of good ventilation and sunlight was achieved by placing the courtyard and a garden which connects the lower floor and other levels. The H-House project was awarded the 30th Seoul Architecture Prize at the Korea Interior Design Best Awards in 2012.


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