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Furnishing Tiny Spaces: Inspiration By Studio Liu Lubin

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If you think that you live in a house with limited area you would be really surprised to see the inspirational tiny house designed by Studio Liu Lubin – the Micro-house in Beijing, China. The house is literally just three tiny cubes in the middle of the street, however, it is furnished with everything needed for contemporary living. Let’s explore this inspiration cube and learn how to furnish a tiny space.

Micro-House Project By Studio Liu Lubin

Micro House Project

Inside Micro House

The Micro-house by Chinese design studio Liu Bubin is a very unique residential project. The original concept of the house is based on the minimum space requirements for a person to stand, sit and lay down. The design of the house is made to resemble the cubes that can be multifunctional.

The house is made from glass fiber reinforced plastic that is light, but very strong. Of course given the dimensions of the housing project, it can be only used as one room; however, this room is equipped with various elements needed for contemporary urban dwelling. The structure can be rotated in order to be able to perform various activities like washing, cooking, working and of course relaxing.

At last, the Micro House can be used as a single house or it can be grouped to form a residential cluster. The material from which the house is built allows simple installation. As can be guessed, the Micro House is perfect for transportation and replacement, as the size of each unit fits the general standards for the transporting containers.

Now, the furnishing of such a tiny space is of course problematic, because one would want to fit a lot of functionality into limited space. There are tiny windows that let in the light, which reflects off the white walls of the interior. Then the interior itself is rather minimalistic. There is a little bathroom and even tinier bedroom with a space for reading and studying. Moreover, there are little cubes for literature storage. Well, to add up to the seeming cuteness, the Micro House has a distinct social value. This project makes it possible to have private house under the current Chinese land policy. Isn’t it marvelous?


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