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Extremadura Country House

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Continuing the theme of marvelous renovations, we are introducing to you the elegant estate, located in Extremadura, Spain made possible by Ábaton Architects. This intriguing country house was renovated from previously abandoned stable into a marvelous and contemporary stone house!

Marvelous House Renovation by Ábaton Architects

Ábaton Architects is a Spanish based architecture team, that has been doing their business in home development for over the 20 years! Their recent project excellently portrays their skill in making something completely stunning out of a dull and abandoned animal refuge. Taking an inspiration from a former construction, which served as a stable, the team managed to build up a contemporary country house, with all of the modern facilities.
The estate appears rather small, however that largely depends on the angle of view at which you look at the house. At some point it even looks enormous, and it should be because the total area of the house is 322 square meters on a land of 5 hectares. The actual location of the house is in a privileged neighborhood of province of Cáceres, you can literally see why it is privileged, because the landscape is really marvelous and peaceful. The house is composed of the different levels, and opens up a lot of private and public spaces. The rough stone structure and exterior of the house gives it a homey rustic appeal, while at the same time making it appear really sturdy. The rustic appeal is then again complemented with the interior design, that can seem minimalistic but that is only an illusion, as the house is so large that it is impossible to fill up all of the space. The color schemes are rather basic leaving only few occasional splashes of moderate color, leaving it all to the natural vibrant landscape that surrounds the place. By the way, the architects also used a sustainable development approach when doing the electricity and water supply, as described by the Ábaton Architects, they used: “a solar panel system with storage batteries, which was developed to supply energy during the summer; turbines were installed taking advantage of the course of the two streams that run through the estate providing electricity for the winter”. Pretty inspiring, isn’t it?

Extremadura Estate by Ábaton Architects


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