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Enclave House in Melbourne

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What one would need in a big city is of course a personal residence, which would protect from the annoying attention of the city dwellers, while providing the owners with comfort. This is a story of the Melbourne based Enclave House, which restoration, turned into an exciting exploration.

Unique Melbourne Cocoon House

Located in the heart of the big and thriving city, Melbourne, in the historical neighborhood, where every meter counts, stands proudly the Enclave House. This residence is a reconceptualized modern house made possible by BKK Architects, a Melbourne based company that focuses primarily on contemporary approaches to designing. The former house was extended into the modern residence, however this extensions was met by some resistance from the local landscape.
The size of the house was of course restricted in this densely populated area, so BKK Architects came up with a clever solution. They have carver the rear end from a block and made arrangements so that the sunlight can enter the house from everywhere. However, the architects didn’t forget about keeping the residents save from the unwanted attention, so the whole place looks like a pretty solid construction, which can save them in terms of privacy.
There is a private cortyard, which can be enjoyed solely by the owners, while being out in the sun. The general interior of the house is really all streamlines, but it has a persona details expressed in colors, however everything seems to be toned down. The house also has a very private swimming pool located in the cortyard of the house. One room deserves a very special attention, as it stands out from the modern impersonal rooms of the rest of the house. It is a little round white room, that can perhaps be a study room, or w working place, however it can also be a library. What unites this room with the rest of the house is of course its minimalistic low rise table, however other features are truly unique. Look at the bookcases, that repeat the form of the room, and at these amazing window which is decorated with the stained glass. Overall the house is very neutral, and friendly.

Melbourne House Inspiration by BKK Architects


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