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Dorsey Residence

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Have you ever wanted to live out in the woods, deep in the forest united with nature but with all of the contemporary comforts offered by technology? Well, a place like Dorsey Residence would be just perfect for you!

Wood Cottage Inspiration

Located what seems to be deep in the woods of Bainbridge Island in Washington State, the Dorsey cottage is a perfect place for a recluse that loves nature and enjoys the modern technological progress to its full extent.
The project was completed by Washington based company “Coates Design” recently and its making use of the vertical lines to extend the wante exterior and interior, making it seem a natural part of forest like landscape. The house looks like a fortress on the waterfront, which main space is hidden in the layers of the construction.
Featuring 2,800 square feet of livable space, the Dorsey residence is a unique combination of a sturdy construction which offers incredible harmony with the natural landscape. Despite its dramatic exterior, the house appears to be really warm and welcoming on the inside. The exterior of the house is mostly metal construction with wooden decor. By the way, the back of the house also offers an amazing view on the Olympic Mountains! The house has all of the contemporary high tech luxury, and also offers a wonderful location in the wood. Here is what the design company has to say about the Dorsey Cottage:
“From the outside, the home is an anonymous, austere, monumental concrete facade anchored deep into the hillside on a waterfront property. Much of the home is hidden behind the two-story concrete face.The main living area opens out onto a large deck that cantilevers from the home’s structure, providing a seamless connection from inside to out. An 18-inch concrete wall forms two sides of the building’s exterior, providing a poignant counterpoint to the warm wooden and copper “box” form that rests at a slight angle. The exterior concrete wall and exposed concrete within the home reduce energy costs by serving as a thermal mass that naturally cools the home in the summer and holds warmth in the winter.” Isn’t it an exciting adventure out in the woods?

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