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Cottekill Church House

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Would you like to live in a church? And what if this church is remodeled into an astonishing family house? This post presents to you the incredible Cottekill Church House.

Church Renovated into house

The Cottekill Church House is located in the Hudson Valley, in two hours of drive from New York City. The church was built in 1898, and in the late XX century it was used as a craft sale site and a house for artists, as two previous owners were artists. The most recent owner, Ayumi Horie who is into pottery, has put the house for sale, and it has been already sold.

This amazing church house is a 1900 square feet place with 2 loft bedrooms, marble floored bathroom, beautiful landscape on the outside, intriguing Japanese bath and much more. There is also a 400 square feet studio, with a bath and a small office. The interior of the house is a combination of simplicity and functionality, with a preference for wooden furniture and decor items. One of the most intriguing elements of the house is the stained glass windows and the incredible landscaped vistas of the yard. Now, the unexpected part is that the Cottekill Church has a functional church building, measuring 1000 square feet, with a renovated steeple and fresh painted walls. Overall, the Cottekill church is a very nice, quiet family house dedicated to the artistic movement.

Cottekill Church

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