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Costa Brava House

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The Costa Brava House is not just a residence by the sea, it is The residence by the Mediterranean sea, with a luxurious suites and stunning views on the uneven coastline. So if you already long for some warmth, stick around to enjoy the sun, the beach and the sea.

Luxurious Mediterranean Abode

Located in the east coast of Spain, this luxurious construction is actually a three block project with large central villa, a guest apartment and a second guest suites. So that you could imagine its grandiose concept, there are 16, 000 square feet of living space involved! That is quite a residence, don’t you think? Each three blocks have an entryway of their own not speaking of the grand vistas they offer!

Keeping in mind such a beautiful location, the house should have a lot of access to the outdoors. The main part of the house is public spaces for recreation, a kitchen, a couple of bedrooms and one master suite. The glass is one of the most important aspects of the design, as it allows both protection and inclusion into the natural landscape. Well, with this said aren’t you excited? This house is for sale, but not for long, because the price of $29 million seems to be decent for such a luxurious three block construction.

Costa Brava House Inspiration


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