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Cedarvale Ravine House

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If you like to live in the close proximity with the mega polis, but also enjoy to live in privacy, building a house in the edge of the city is an excellent idea! Drew Mandel Architects have recently completed a project, that you will definitely find interesting!

Drew Mandel Architects Project

Cedarvale Ravine residence is a unique project located at the threshold into the mid-town Toronto Cedarvale Ravine, which means the house at the same time is in the city, yet it has its own privacy. The project was completed by Drew Mandel Architects in a unique way: there are several levels to the house, and they don’t seem to be visually connected. The first volume of a box presents the kitchen and a family room, which is by the way also happens to be the heart of the house. As you can see, the first floor is also very transparent and expansive, a trick achieved with a wide usage of glass panels. Another material of choice is stone, which appears quite light with all the given context.
The second floor of the building allows the nature to win back its landscape. There is even a green roof to prove that the house is very environmentally friendly. The house is quite expansive and bright, which is partially because of the chosen materials. You would be surprised, but the house also has a philosophical meaning: it is built to “celebrate the everyday rituals of residential life and enhance the slow unfolding experience of a special site. Here is some information from Drew Mandel Architects:
“Circulation modulates through a series of intimate and expansive spaces and courtyards to a glass-enclosed single-story volume at the rear of the property. It is the kitchen and family room and the heart of the house. Large expanses of glass dematerialize the stone building in order to engage and connect to its protected woodland setting. A cantilevered second story volume frames views, gestures to the landscape and allows the re-naturalized ravine planting to be drawn farther into the site”.

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