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Casa Rizza by Mateo Inches

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An old farm house can become an astounding example of contemporary interior design. This post will introduce to you the Casa Rizza by Matteo Inches, who have completed such an amazing project of turning the old farm into an ultra modern stylish house.

Casa Rizza

Old farm house turned modern

Located in a little town, Vacallo in Switzerland, this amazing old farmhouse is a lovely new hous of the local mayor of the city. Designed by Matteo Inches, from the Studio Inches, this house is the masterpiece in contemporary interior design. Reminiscent of the Spanish farm village on the outside, and Mediterranean style, this amazing compartment is the ultimate retreat of the contemporary interior decor.

Casa Rizza

The combination of white, grey and green is always a great palette to start off. Matteo Inches wanted to accent the original structure of the house, underlining the thickness of the walls by deep seated windows. With few existing details, this house is very conservative in means of decor; however it looks stunning with just as few details. As you can notice, the house has very high roofs and this is all because of the Swiss law that prohibits changing the structure of the house, especially the roofs and windows.

The Italian part of Switzerland is a very densely built up land, and the renovation of the existing old building is needed to support the cultural heritage of the district. The Casa Rizza constitutes the core collection of the historical building in this Italian part of Switzerland. Before its amazing renovation, the house used to be a barn, which gave shelter to a poor family of six. The last owners of the barn has proved to be an influential part of the community on the political level.

Casa Rizza

Dealing with lack of space is a common challenge for the architects and designers, so Matteo Inches faced this challenge bravely and have succeeded. The 6×6 tower house with 50 cm thick wall now features amazing space solutions, with its light grey background and lighting, an fantastic compartments for different activities. The Casa Rizza is a source of constant inspiration for those facing the limited spacing, and contemporary interior design.


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