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Bridge House in Netherlands

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Bridge House by 123DV

If you are a fan of sustainable development, the Bridge House in Netherlands is a perfect example of how this all works. Located in the rural area of Achterhoek, The Netherlands, the house presents the contemporary residence, which blends its angular shape with the rest of the park type landscape. The landscape is, by the way, one of those types that is usually used as a screensaver: serene green lawn with a contemporary white residence construction.
The Bridge House is designed by 123DV architect team, who followed the principals of the sustainable development. They managed to create a traditional Dutch terp, an artificial hill residence by removing the top layer was removed to reduce fertility, and the soil was reused to form a raised area beneath the house. The house is located on top of the hill, and also it has a cellar! Just imagine the spectacular view that opens up to the owners. The wildlife landscape with numerous flowering plants during summer and spring, with a real forest on the background!
Following the guidelines of the sustainable development, the house is self-sufficient, which means that it can provide the needed accommodations. Water is drawn from the private well, whereas the house has solar batteries, and a heating system that operates through thermal energy storage, reuse of rainwater. The excessive heat is removed with a Heat mirror glass, which cools down the house.
The interior of the house is quite minimalistic, which is logical because most beautiful part of the house is located outside in the part area. Mostly white for a color, it is contrasting pretty good with the green landscape of rural Achterhoek. The house features around 900 square meters of livable space on a 15 hectares parcel. Having only two levels, the house offers the following accommodations: living room, kitchen with pantry, 3 bedrooms, study, studio, exercise room and wine cellar. The choices of materials are stainless steel, dark stucco, white marble floor. An exciting project, isn’t it?

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