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Bouctot Vagniez Town Hall Addition

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The French country side is really something outstanding, as portrayed by Bouctot Vagniez Town Hall, where recently an intriguing addition was build.

Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Industrial architecture does not mean dull and boring glass and concrete, it can be also eco-friendly and simply stunning. The recent addition to the Bouctot Vagniez Town Hall, which houses Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an oustanding project by French firm Chartier-Corbasson Architecte. The addition managed to blend in fantastically into the stone beauty of the town, because it is a manmade green hill, so to say.

The Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, located in this new addition, is fully covered in green walls. This masterpiece was achieved by thousands of individually added greenery, creating an outstanding contrast with the rest of town. The lush greenery is skillfully covering the contemporary layout of the building, making a non conventional statement to the city architecture.

Bouctot Vagniez Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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