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Bonsai Tree Craft Inspiration

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As you may know, Bonsai trees are miniscule copies of large trees that are grown in a specific way. They are a traditional Japanese art which was cultivated for many centuries. However, few would consider going even further and decorating an already amazing tree. Today we are going to share different inspirational ideas, on how professional artists take bonsai gardening to the next level.

bonsai trees art

Takanori Aiba

Amazing Bonsai Crafts

One of the most inspirational works in decorating a Bonsai tree is attributed to Takanori Aiba, whose carvings out of a bonsai tree are just astonishing. He manages to create incredibly intricate decorations. Takanori Aiba combines his passion for architecture and maze drawing to recreate a whole village on a tree. Of course he is not preoccupied only with bonsai trees, but they are one of his major inspirations.

The presented above pieces come from his collection of Bonsai Series. As mentioned by the author, he was fascinated to find the connection between ancient Japanese tradition and human nature. As a result we see a myriad of crafted homes and huts on branches of tiny Bonsai trees.

bonsai tree art
Chris Guise
Another amazing Bonsai tree craft is presented by a bonsai enthusiast Chris Guise, who has made tiny hobbit homes near the bonsai trees. Chris Guise has created Bilbo Baggins’, Frodo Baggins’ and Samwise Gamgee’s homes from Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Bonsai tree was secured and covered with cut paste. The plastic mesh backing is holding the front, and the rest of the construction.

The bricks that you see are made from roofing tile. Every detail is really intricate, there is even a brass door knob. You can see even the dark stained fence, and imitation of grass, made from moss. Well, it seems that it took Chris Guise a very long time to finish the project, but in the end he managed everything pretty good.


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