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Bogbain Mill: Scotland Renovating Inspiration

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When time collides with architectural aspirations nothing seems to be in the way! The Bogbain Mill is a unique restoration project by Rural design, where they have taken the old classic mill remains and turned into amazing contemporary residence. Let’s check it out!


Amazing Old Mill Reconstruction

Don’t you just love when the original ancient ruins are not forgotten and demolished, but become an important part of the modern landscape? Well, this what happened with the ancient Bogbain Mill in Dingwill, Scotland, which ruined walls are now backing up quite a contemporary residence. If you think that including the ancient walls into the modern living space is grotesque, you are very far from being right. The interior design of the residence is very bright and open, which is partially due to the expansive windows, which let in a lot of sunshine and natural greenness.


However, the walls of the mill also make their own architectural statement, in stone. Above the ancient ruins stands proud the modern construction from wood and metal. However, the focus of the residence, of course apart from the mill walls is of course the inner courtyard. All of the rooms have a direct communication with the south facing garden, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy fully the beautiful landscape of the area.


Above to the side of the ruins hovers the new bedroom tower, which allows the clients larger space for their living, while making a contemporary statement in architectural terms. As mentioned by the designing company, the Rural Design:


“This project incorporates the ruins of a former mill. Combining the old walls with the new constructions and insertions in the fabric, it is intended to clearly articulate the modern additions set against the solid stone walls of the mill. The internal courtyard has become the focus for the house, and all internal rooms on the ground floor have a direct relationship into this enjoyable south-facing garden overlooking a burn. A new bedroom tower allows views over the wider surrounding landscape”.


It is no surprise, that the Bogbain Mill has gained four awards for its originality and eco-friendly approach, while still being quite an inspiration for the viewer.


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