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Bill Indursky Studio Apartment

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This post presents an incredible tiny apartment designed with chic and style, by a founder of Vintage and Modern furniture company, Bill Indursky. His studio apartment is as extravagant, as some say the owner is, so let’s take a look at its interesting small space design solutions.

London Bachelor Pad Chic

“London Bachelor Pad Chic” as Bill Indursky calls his apartment, is a 350 square feet flat with three inhabitants: Bill, his partner and their dog. Their small apartment is a rule breaker, with its unconventional and bold statements scattered all over. Indursky, an eccentric man, and his apartment is striking with eccentricity: it is small, dark colored and with lots of weird decor objects and vintage furniture elements.

Remember the rule of thumb: never paint your small room in a dark color, it would appear even smaller. Well, Indursky started with breaking this rule, and painted first his wall, then the ceiling black. Surprisingly, friends say that the dark color looks cozy and inviting. How does he manages to live and work in such a small space? Well, he says that for everything that he gets he removes something. There is a strict rule in that household, that if you don’t eat it, you can’t bring it into the house. The most striking features of the apartment, besides the black color are the artworks and space solutions as there is a great use of multi functioning items. The apartment itself appears to be bold, masculine and very functional, and very stylish with good color combinations, and personality as eccentric as its owner.

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