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Basketball Court Converted Into Residence

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There are many different ways to renovate a  building with practically any history into a livable residence, but there have been really few examples of such extreme conversion as this one. Selldorf Architects has been asked to renovate a loft space that was formerly a basketball court of gymnasium, so you can imagine how massive the space must be!

Basketball Court Renovated By Selldorf

Expansive Chelsea Loft By Selldorf Architects

Loft Renovation By Selldorf Architects

The first renovation of this space has turned a former track and a baseball court into a loft that we see now, however, the job of Selldorf Architects was to make this loft livable. That demanded creativity and a special approach. The industrial past of the building is resurfacing with the overhead beams that are visible despite being covered in white coats of paint. The casement windows and black steel railings are another thing that is reminiscent of the place’s past as a basketball court.

The loft is divided into several parts and each part has its distinct purpose. There are public spaces on the upper level, and they include a huge living area with adjacent dining room and kitchen. Then there is a lower floor that is connected to the upper level with a double-height atrium. The lower floor contains master bedroom, two other bedrooms and a socializing room for a family.

A team from New York, Selldorf has not only achieved to make the loft livable, they also managed to make the space aerial. Due to its white walls and lots of reflective surfaces, the loft appears rather huge, but this expansiveness doesn’t really bother the eye. There are also good contrasts, presented by the black floor and several furnishing items. The industrial style of the loft is complemented by few rustic highlights in forms of furniture pieces. The interior is not devoid of colors as well as there is amazing soft bubble upholstery that can be spotted in the first floor. So, does this loft looks more like a gym or a livable apartment?

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