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Bali Hanging Gardens

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It is never too late or to early to relax! Now matter what season it is now, there are always places that can present the best experience and the nicest accommodations, and Bali Hanging Gardens resort is one of such places!


Ubud Cultural Area Resort

This incredible space is carefully preserved and cherished, and luckily for some offers the intriguing vistas and accommodations to tourists. The resort is embellished with 38 luxurious villas, offered by the Orient express hotel. The villas are located in the midst of the most spectacular place, overlooking Ayung river. It is just overwhelming how these rooms are breathtakingly beautiful in interior design, and some of us can only guess and dream what it is like to live in this place.

Each room has its own distinct flavor and the high quality furniture from solid wood, softened only by the cushioned surfaces. The rooms have most of the needed items, yet nothing that would be too much, because the most precious of each room is its view. In addition, each room has a private infinity pool that can be accessed from the terrace. The infinity pools are a source of constant awe and no doubt provide incredible experience. This amazing resort was created with a help of Anglo/French architect Gordon Shaw, with the Ubud Hanging gardens being a creation of William Warren together with John Pettigrew. It is just unbelievable how this beauty can be man-made, but it is!

Ubud Hanging Garden Inspiration


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