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Austrian Gudrun House

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House for Gudrun is designed specifically for nature loving, eco friendly owners, with principals of sustainable development. Let’s explore its wooden structure and views!


Incredible Wooden House in Austria

Located in Mellau, Vorarlberg, Austria this house features 90 square meters of residential accomodation on a 300 square meter property. The house was completed in 2010 by Sven Matt in close collaboration with a client. The house contains two bedrooms, a living room space and some small compartment for the working area.
It is worthwhile noting the materials that were used in construction: the prefabricated timber elements based on a concrete foundation. The interior serves a sole purpose of being a gateway to the incredible views on the mountainous landscape that offers this region of Austria. The interior is rather spartan, and this is attributed to the tight budget and individual preferrence of the client. As stated by the designer, Sven Matt:

Finding peace, freedom and nature. This is what mattered most to Gudrun, and by building her own little house on the countryside she got there one step closer. However, an extremely tight budget remained, focussing on the most necessary in terms of floor space and construction was essential.


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