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Amsterdam Community House Renovation

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Located in the heart of the ancient city, Amsterdam, is the new incredible house renovation project by Marc Koehler Architects, who have transformed the former harbor cantina into the series of the contemporary urban community houses. Tale a look at this inspiring transformation of an industrial building into a modern dwelling.

amsterdam residence

“House like a Village” Project

The Amsterdam-based architect company Marc Koehler Architects have renovated a huge industrial age building into a sleek and contemporary house, which they have named “House like a Village”. The name of the project reflects the concept of renovation, where the residence is divided into four sub-residencies, each very different and independent.

Each apartment within the building is very individualistic, with private sectors and facilities, however they are designed in the same decorating style. The space is open and expansive thanks to the light color scheme. Huge windows along with white walls let in all the light and allow it to travel across the house. The interior is contemporary and resembles a Scandinavian decorating style in its preference for white background with few striking color accents.

amsterdam residence

In between the apartment spaces we can see the corridors leading in and out of the house. These corridors are “streets” that connect the flats. The upper level is a space used for cooking and relaxation. The so-called “second” floor also offers a very good view on the private rooms of the first floor. As you can see, there are bridges between spaces, that allow people to travel between the parts of the blocks.

Although, the area of this project is quite huge the space is used very wisely. The walls, that you see in each room actually have a storing capacity as they double as set of cabinets. Due to the large area the project can be expanded and more “houses” can be built.

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