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Amazing Saijo Clinic Interior

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We all have a stereotype that a psychiatric clinic should be huge, victorian massive and depressing. Well, not in a case of amazing Saijo clinic!


Japanese Psychiatric Clinic Renovation

The intriguing reovation recently took place in the Japanese psychitriac clinic, Saijo. Based in Tokyo, the place features a unique contemporary interior located on the 11th floor of the penthouse. The interior presents itself in a continuity of the simple huts that garantuee the privacy of each “hut” and interesting interior design.

The series of small semi-huts give much freedom to decorating, and have this distinct minimalistic touch to it. Apart from Saijo Clinic being a very innovative in interior design, this private mental health care unit overlooks one of the central parks area of Tokyo. This way the users of mental health services are equipped with anything they need to recover from a devastating disorder.

The innovative interior design presents a unique alternative to the inpatients of the mental health institution, where the treatment becomes something new and amazing. This way the people are encouraged to recover faster and in more creative ways.

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