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Amazing Moscow Eco House

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Located near Moscow, Russia, this amazing eco-friendly house features intriguing choices of the interior design, while permitting the traditional Russian exterior of the house. Join our journey to the heart of this amazing luxurious wooden house.

Moscow Wooden House

Despite its traditional log-to –log exterior, the house unravels a magnificent luxurious blend of many décor styles. The Art Hall Studio, who have mastered and polished this amazing house did their best at transforming this wooden house into something original, creative and environmentally sound. The house sports several interior design styles, such as Victorian, Italian and French influences and actually looks very feminine and yet very strong, considering the fact that the house is a gift from children to their mother.

The house offers three levels of comfort to their inhabitants, presenting apart from the traditional rooms, the luxury rooms of the sauna, wine cellar and two kitchens on different levels. The house definitely shares some kind of French charm, displaying an amazing plethora of curvy details and décor items. The wood of the exterior only adds to the warmth and welcomes the guests inside. Most certainly the children had thought about their mother when presented this marvelous house, because such luxury can only express love and devotion.

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